March 2021

Well, br33zzyy, we are now living in the Corona history book lesson, one of the weirdest times of life (but it’s all been weird, hasn’t it?). Professor James at Hult has asked you to write a note to yourself for one year from now that you will read. You wanted to go to London and rotate to Dubai and Shanghai (then move to Thailand) sooo badly, but when getting to London hated it and wanted to go back to the sunny, care-free festival and party times of LA. Finally, after a few months, you got used to it, loved it even, made friends in uni and outside in your music scene, felt focused and unstoppable, and BAMMMMMM CORONA. Just to remember to live in the present and be careful what you wish for. After working on a start-up for 2 years (that you’re now in debt because of), you decided to say no mas due to your team. It’s hard to know when to leave/stay sometimes, but this was probably for the best.

The future is uncertain, and is hard to get clear in the moment. You have always had a hard time being certain because of how free you are and open to new experiences. In the future you could work for the EPA and help with climate change, be a sustainability consultant for events in Dubai, create digital content around the world through your Youtube budget travel blog, teach English and DJ in Thailand, launch your thrifted festival fashion start-up, who knows? The opportunities are really endless. However, through the trial and tribulation you know you have always loved music and live experiences, and their ability to move people. With the passion and love for that, you will jet-set your music career and actually be able to profit from it by this time next year.

You have just created your website for Satnam, your start-up dedicated to thrifted/vintage festival fashion that will donate money to charities of the buyers’ choice, could be issues of minority or environmental rights. At this time it’s hard to put into practice since everything is on LOCKDOWN, however in the future it will be easier. This just makes you even more certain of the necessity to be one thing you already are- a resilient digital nomad who can work remotely. You have lived in 4 countries in the last 4 years, over 6 cities, and you can be planted and thrive everywhere. You have worked over 50 festivals in CX, performance, and media. You released your first album and music video. In quarantine, you have finished a song that you think will be your best of all time.

In this time next year, you will be continuing this legacy and making an income through private music production, DJing/live shows, Satnam, and many other projects you are taking to learn this time such as Forex trading. Who knows, maybe one of Hult’s alumni referrals will land you a job at Google or Facebook after Hult has taught you to be the most confident and educated you have ever been. Hult has given you the gift of knowing people from all over the world, and truly believing in the ability to improve it.

Published by Bry Ulrick

Photographer, poet, musician, lover of life

One thought on “March 2021

  1. Hi B. Art hear. Thnx for sharing your ventures. Glad you are doing your thing. Happy for you. Hopefully one day we can get together. Take care of yourself. Love you Art


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